Lars Haugeli


Lars works with continuous development and improvement of Simployers public websites. He is a part of Team DCJ (Digital Customer Journey) and is working daily with improving our customers experience of our public websites. Apart of developing public websites, Lars also works on development and maintenance of the teams internal services. 

Lars took his bachelor degree in informatics at Østfold University College. Despite being pretty fresh out of school, he has developed a great excitement for .NET development. He is fond of exploring new technologies and is always eager to expand his technical competence and skills!

Favourite tools:

MS Visual Studio 
- Perfect for .NET development 

Umbraco CMS
- Clean and easy to use CMS

- Makes API development easy


Lars has a strong passion for golfing and is often found at the driving range at Sarpsborgs amazing and beloved golf course, Borregaard Golf club.