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It's not typical for a developer to show off ideas or things they've created - but for some it comes naturally, and it can be a part of the process to share, discuss and inspire. The posts you find here will therefore be about subjects that are important to the respective authors. 

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Biased AI and ethical AI - Another reason why we need diversity in tech

today 5/3/2023
There is no question that AI has immense possibilities, and that the imagination is the limit, but during this there is something that I feel is not t (...)

Why we ditched the daily standup meeting?

today 2/6/2023
Recently, several people from Simployer asked me if they could join our standup. They had different reasons: some wanted to say hi and others wanted t (...)

Size matters: why small is better, or a story of how one picture changed a mindset

today 11/25/2022
I admit I struggled with understanding agility. How do you actually do that? OK, I knew some buzzwords and catch phrases - things like "move fast and (...)

Simployer Hackathon 2022 live now

today 11/15/2022
We're hacking (at) Quality! (...)

Key takeaways from Codegarden 2022

today 6/22/2022
The Codegarden conference is created and arranged by Umbraco, which is a company known for their content management system. According to their own web (...)

Why did we remove develop branch in mobile team?

today 3/30/2022
From the title of this article, you already know that in mobile team we did something unusual. Why did we do it? What was motivating us? How did it af (...)

Diverse Tech Breakfast at the office

today 3/8/2022
8th of March marks the celebration of the International Women's day. In our office in Sarpsborg one of our developers, Karoline Brynildsen, invited t (...)

New possibilities with an API gateway

today 3/2/2022
Simployer has an API strategy and a vision of providing a modern and uniform API for the entire Simployer suite. Earlier this year we started routing (...)

Pizza, tech and fun at the office

today 3/1/2022
Returning to the office is a relief for many Simployees after two years of pandemic work. Tech invited to pizza lunch and games, and other departments (...)

Simployer Hackathon 2021 is on!

today 11/22/2021
A peek at whats happening at X Meeting point right now. (...)

Let's experiment less and do more design upfront

today 11/18/2021
Agile software development is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for a long time already. We work in small, focused teams. We have daily stand-ups. We h (...)

Meet the people: Alex

today 9/16/2021
Alexander has been a employee for an impressive 10 years(!). He’s worn many hats in the company, and he’s experienced buzzwords and trends come and go (...)

96 stickies with feedback

today 8/31/2021
Getting 96 cool comments from user tests and how we managed the outcome (...)

Confluence: View files and pull requests from Bitbucket

today 8/30/2021
We are testing out a new pluging which allows us to integrate Bitbucket cloud with Confluence. This makes it possible to use Bitbucket as a source f (...)